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November 20 2017

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November 19 2017

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Scientists bred extremely sexually attractive male mosquitoes whose offspring are unable to breed. So these mosquitoes will hopefully dominate the mosquito gene pool, and in a generation or two, billions of mosquito larvae will be reproductive dead-ends.

Mosquitos deserve this for being little buggy assholes.

Mosquitos can be safely removed from the Ecosystem without any significant damage, whereas it can save countless people from disease.

how are we going to feed the fox bat?

In the lack of mosquitos in the fight for resources, the other insects in the area will rise in population, leaving the bats and frogs and spiders with much to eat still.

awesome, also i learned that fox bats eat fruit not insects


Is no one going to address how scientists literally had to go “aight we have to make the most BANGIN mosquito possible. The SEXIEST thing these bloodsuckers have ever SEEN”

Every one of them looks like this:

My vision went out of focus for a minute and I thought one of the legs was an enormous dick

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oder: „aus dir soll mal was werden“ aka irgendwas mit Prestige
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